Clothing and specific combinations of the articles we wear are often understood and referred to as a statement.

CloTHING(s) as conversation is interested in the new insight and possibilities that might be found by reframing clothing from a unidirectional entity (a statement) to one made up of multidirectional interchanges (a conversation). Contemporary distributed or “many to many” systems of communication are enabling radical rethinks of existing assumptions about how we interact with one another and the world around us.

We are looking to conversation and communication models from the fields of psycholinguistics and social media to seed and steer our design process and outcomes. We have a hunch that puling on modes of conversation and using these as a focal point will provide a unique approach that has the potential to influence and impact our design-led research. We are proposing alternatives to monologic/ unidirectional expression currently attached to clothing and seeking to shift contemporary patterns of material process and manufacture.

Conversations can be documented in so many ways and yet with every method and mechanism used, something invariably gets lost in translation.